Brinkbit is a fast, extensible, and scalable BaaS platform for game services, content management, live ops, and more!

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Brinkbit Control Center
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  • Power your entire business
  • Focus on creating great gameplay
  • Skip the server architecture distractions
  • Create a new content pipeline for your players
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Player Accounts



  • • Player authentication
  • • 3rd party account linking
  • • Player data, stats, & progress
  • • Item inventory

Sales Licensing

Licensing, Sales,

& Cloud Content

  • • Real-money sales
  • • In-app purchases
  • • Subscriptions
  • • Licensing/DRM
  • • Virtual currencies
  • • Items & in-game stores
  • • Characters & levels
  • • Swap assets, dialogs, & more
  • • Player-generated content


Multiplayer &


  • • Groups/friends/clans
  • • Scores & leaderboards
  • • Achievements
  • • Real-time multiplayer
  • • Turn-based multiplayer
  • • In-game messaging
  • • Push notifications


Hosting &


  • • Brinkbit hosted Game Cloud API
  • • Brinkbit hosted web game distribution
  • • Enterprise private game cloud
  • • Enterprise on-premise installations

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Customize everything.

Skip the prefab tools and choose a back end as unique as your game.

Open & Extensible

Open & Extensible

Brinkbit is customizable to the core. Build plugins to change any component. Utilize customizable APIs to power and manage your games.

Full stack development

Full stack development

Create full-stack solutions for managing game and player data. Design custom back-end services and manage them via GUI in the Brinkbit Control Center.

Modular Control Center

Modular Control Center

See everything. Our customizable command hub lets you track game metrics and make changes in real time.

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Get started in minutes

Create an account and start building with Brinkbit now. Access your Control Center from any device.

Support your games with Brinkbit Game Services

Control, grow, and manage your game

Manage your data, content, players, and more from one browser-based interface.




  • • Search & edit player profiles
  • • Analyze player progress & stats
  • • Manage player inventories
  • • Modify virtual currency balances
  • • Moderate player-generated content
  • • Ban Players

Live Cloud Updates



  • • Update game services data
  • • Update event scripting
  • • Add & remove in-game store items
  • • Add, remove, & update game levels
  • • Manage leaderboards & achievements
  • • Customize level & content making plugins specific to your game

In-game Promotions and Sales

Sales &


  • • Temporary promotions
  • • Send push notifications to user devices
  • • Create & distribute coupon codes




  • • Event counters & logging
  • • Custom events
  • • Server events
  • • Retention & revenue metrics
  • • Error logs

Live ops and CMS customized for your game.

Brinkbit Control Center

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