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Full-service design & software development studio + live ops platform

Apps, games, enterprise business solutions, and more

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How can we help you create it?


We’ll help you to orient and incubate your concept from a novel idea to a targeted, actionable strategy.

  • Outline and Logistics
  • Tech planning
  • World building
  • Monetization strategy + more


Together through rapid prototyping & iteration, we'll find the look and feel that brings your project to life.

  • Web/Mobile app/site design
  • User interface/experience design
  • Cross-platform responsive design
  • Game design
  • Branding/Illustrations/3D art + more


Augment your team with our experienced developers who know the latest platforms so we can build it all.

  • Web apps/sites (HTML/Javascript)
  • Mobile Android/iPhone/iOS
  • Unity3D
  • React/NodeJS
  • Crypto/Web3/DApps + more


A strategy for ongoing services and support is critical to success. Launch day is when the real work begins!

  • New/live content updates
  • Hosting/DevOps management
  • Scaling/cloud optimizations
  • Bugs/security patches
  • Custom CMS/Tools/Analytics + more

We bring decades of experience creating apps, games, and websites for a variety of mobile and desktop platforms. We've honed a diverse set of skills to help you tackle a wide range of projects.

With our background comes custom tools, experiences and an agile team that help streamline project workflow. We also have the flexibility to meet you wherever you are in the creative process.

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Baltimore, MD-based studio

Creating for a global audience

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